Corona Prevention

Corona Prevention – Practice Sayasana from  the 1st of June 2020

Dear people, from  the 1st of June  2020,

we are happy to respect the following measures for your own safety and that of others:

  • You are very welcome, as usual by appointment.
  • The waiting room has been moved to the Veranda at the right side when you arrive.
  • You can take place until you are called.
  • You can leave your jacket there after you have taken out the valuables. Please also leave your shoes on the Veranda.

Preferably leave your bag at home, if possible.

  • All door knobs will be cleaned on arrival and departure, including the toilet when it has been used.
  • Before entering the practiceroom, please wash your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds, don’t forget the wrists and between the fingers. If necessary, you can use disinfectant for additional disinfection. Paper handtowels are available.
  • I personally guarantee that I have not been in contact with someone who has been ill for the past two weeks. I myself have not been ill in the past two weeks. The incubation period of a virus is usually 3 days to two weeks.
  • If you yourself have been ill or have been in contact with the disease within a period of two weeks, the treatment can unfortunately not take place. Please notify me as soon as possible!
  • The illness concerns the following symptoms:

* Cough (light dry cough)

* Sore throat

* Fever (increase to 38 degrees Celsius)

* Fatigue

* Breathing problems / shortness of breath

* Common cold

* Cold, runny nose, sneezing

  • The treatment table has been cleaned with an antiseptic. The towels, as usual, are all washed at a temperature of 60 degrees. Viruses do not survive this temperature.
  • The room is ventilated before and after treatment.
  • In connection with Corona transfer, talking as little as possible is nice, but in my opinion not really necessary, if the two-week disease-free rule is applied.
  • Unfortunately no greetings with hugs and shaking hands for the time being.
  • Take Care & Stay Healthy!

Mabel Jacobson/Sayasana